Friday, March 28, 2014

French Metal Friday:Factor Hate - The Watcher


French (hard and heavy) five-piece Factor Hate features a pair of brothers in Olivier (aka: "Silver") and  Pascal Landais (guitars and drums respectively). The former plays in industrial goth band Xianosys while the latter (dubbed "Sharky") is a former Xianosys member. They also sport a lead singer with the name Thierry "The Watcher" Grumiaux (Heavintage), a bass guitarist nicknamed "Kev" (Kevin Obron) and a second guitarist called "Hubb" (Hubert Treynel). There's all of that and then they (chiefly) carry a torch for all things eighties. Think everyone from Judas Priest to Kiss, Ratt to Accept and Picture to Alice Cooper. Pounded into the shape of a (home-brewed) four-track EP it's all a sporting good time! And to their benefit Factor Hate, who actually formed in 2011 and is also made up of four former members of Mankind (everyone but Thierry "The Watcher" Grumiaux who, might I just add, is one fine looking individual who looks like a cross between Sir Ian Murray McKellen and Christopher Lee!) have recently signed on with Germany's Rock N’ Growl Promotion. That's a nice group to be handling this traditional heavy metal which (rumor has it) has a full-length album in store for sometime later this year. There's nothing sexy about this bunch and (again, to their benefit!) this EP is a tad "scruffy" (kind of like their wicked cool looking and sounding lead vocalist!). But, it still gives off it's own kind of sparkle and is well worth it's weight in gold if only for the title track alone! Find out more at their Facebook page below!

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