Thursday, March 27, 2014

Solstice (UK)-Death's Crown is Victory

Into the Void Records (a division of Invictus Productions)

Initially this was a digital-only release, but with Into the Void Records stepping in to offer it on CD (and, if I'm not mistaken, a limited run cassette tape while the band's own label, White Horse, pressed it on vinyl) it stands to reason that it should be greeted with welcoming arms from those that love epic doom metal! Tracing their roots back to 1990 (with a small break in the action having taken place between 2002 and 2007) and with founding member/well-traveled musician/exceptional guitarist Rich Walker (ex-Sludgelord, ex-Isen Torr, Solomon Kane, ex-Pagan Altar, ex-Napalm Death (live), ex-Bio-Hazard, ex-Discontrol, ex-Harmony As One, ex-Nailbomb, ex-Sore Throat, ex-Warfear, ex-Wartorn) having recruited some excellent players for "Death's Crown is Victory" such as vocalist Paul Kearns (ex-Arcane Sun, ex-Fifth Dominion, ex-Eden Obscured) and drummer James Ashbey (Cravel Idol and Deceptor) this EP ends up being well-worth the wait (this is after all the band's first new recording in 13 or so years!). It's also leading the race as far as comeback albums are concerned (even if, technically-speaking, this is only an EP with a run-time of 26 minutes or so it is still a strong contender for "Comeback Album" of the year for 2014!) and is another great new release that I hope to add to my physical collection before it's all said and done! Even if this recording is short and sweet (hey, just like this review will prove to be!) it still echos with excellence and comes across a grand exercise in all things doom-laded! With two short instrumental numbers serving as bookends for the nine minute "I Am the Hunter" and the almost ten minute title track (both of which are wicked in their own epic ways!) this four-track release makes one long for more new material from this UK behemoth so let us prayer that it isn't another ten year or so years before we hear more from Rich Walker and his new companions!

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Sounds interesting. Love the cover.

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