Saturday, March 22, 2014

Defyance-Time Lost (2014 Re-Release)

Minotauror Records

Following in the footsteps of the previously covered 1996 album "Amaranthine", "Time Lost", which was recorded at SR Audio in Des Monies, IA and Northlake Studio in Otley, IA (with Sean McMahon serving as producer alongside keyboardist Matt Bell and the band members themselves) and initially self-released in 1999, was the second full-length album from Knoxville, Iowa-based Defyance. In addition it is the third (again, self-released mind you) Defyance recording to see a proper CD re-release from the wonderful folks over at Minotauror Records and, if this shaky memory of mine serves me correct, it was my first introduction to this highly-underrated U.S. metal band. As was the case for "Amaranthine" (a recommended release in it's own right folks!) the humble heavy metal beginnings of Defyance were soon paved over by (somewhat) harder power metal and as the band further explored this new found territory they would also begin to further embrace the mindset that progressive rock and metal can and does add that special little something to the mix (especially when done right). And frankly it's that exact one-two combination (power metal of the U.S. variety plus some excellent progressive rock/metal moments) that made "Time Lost" the true winner that it was (even if it was an underground winner that far too few got to experience first hand back in the day!) and still is! Even though "Turn To Yesterday" might tow the line between power and prog (with bands like Fates Warning, Dream Theater and even Queensrÿche coming to mind) on numbers such as "Between The Lies", "My Nightmares" and "Break The Silence" it's a whole different ballgame. Here on "Time Lost" those sort of moments truly benefit from the twin guitar solos of Brent Scott & Marcus Peterson and, even if the power metal on display here never reaches truly epic levels, there's still enough of a punch to these sort of cuts that it should easily serve to bring a smile to the faces of many a true headbanger! With the progressive rock elements present and accounted for but still kept in check the band made good on their promise to deliver a worthy follow-up to "Amaranthine". Even if so it was not exactly smooth snailing for this underrated act. Line-up changes between album number one and album number two meant that it was rough going for this U.S. metal band and by the time Defyance had finally laid down bulk of the tracks for "Time Lost" they were looking at two new additions in Scott Andreas and Rob Mcgrath. As the band was desperately trying to find all the rights pieces to make a real run at things adding a new bass player probably wasn't much of a big deal. To that end Rob Mcgrath was recruited into the fold and his playing on "Time Lost" is solid and it actually provides a nice balance/compliment to drummer Doug Beary. The real change though was in the vocal department. Looking around locally the group ended up acquiring ex-Sinister Minster member Scott Andreas (also ex-Atomic Opera) who, having replaced the departed Brian Harrington, brought with him a voice that has been compared to the likes of Bruce Dickinson and D.C. Cooper! All told these new additions proved quite beneficial for the band and Defyance, perhaps reborn and even rejuvenated by these changes, emerged from the studio with the near-perfect "Time Lost" in hand! Defyance proved that even in the face of adversary they could emerge stronger. With all of the turbulence that was going on around them it would stand to reason that the nearly 50 minutes long "Time Lost" would have hiccups right? And yet here it is, a shining example of the lasting impact of progressive power metal! Given their hard work and dedication to their craft, everything fell smoothly into place with the group's sophomore recording and whether you are a fan of bands like Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Crimson Glory and Queensrÿche or you are more into Iron Maiden-like power metal this one offers something for everyone!To say that this one is highly recommended is putting it mildly!

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Your Review got me intrested have to check out this band.

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Blogger Andy said...

You'll have to let me know what you think then after you hear them. And as a side note I like you're blog!

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