Sunday, March 16, 2014


AFM Records

First assembled back in 1989 (when I was still a pimple-face teenager in high school!), with founding members Torsten Ihlenfeld & Milan Loncaric (both of whom handle guitars and vocals) and Dieter Bernert (drums) all still present in the modern day version of this German act(!), Brainstorm made their debut with the self-released "Hand of Doom" a year later in 1990. Since that fateful moment Brainstorm, which is these days rounded out by lead vocalist Andy B. Franck (ex-Symphorce, ex-Ivanhoe) and bass guitarist Antonio Ieva ( Farmer Boys, ex-Letter X, ex-Stereo.Pilot), began a journey that now sees them about ready to release this, their 10th full-length album! Next month (April 15th) will see "Firesoul" drop and if ever there was an album that was truly represented by it's outward cover then this would be it! High-class (classic) power metal is on display here from a band that has managed to become one of Europe's more premiere outlets for this kind of highly-skilled/expertly-crafted melodic metal! Don't let that term ("melodic") serve as any sort of turn-off though as "Firesoul" has some serious teeth and it's never shy about cranking things up loud! There's a damn good reason that Brainstorm are one of Europe's most successful and prominent power metal acts and with an album like "Firesoul", which finds vocalist Andy B. Franck in top-notch form and the band (who are highly talented musicians!) working together like a fine-tuned machine(!), the group is only adding to it's legacy! For those serious about their power metal, "Firesoul" should be viewed as a must-add when it's released in mid-April!

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