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Interview with Bud Hughes of Craving Angel

Back in the day staring Craving Angel!
In conjunction with my recent review of Craving Angel's compilation album "Dark Horse" (see link below!) I recently had the pleasure of interviewing lead vocalist Bud Hughes. I just want to thank him for taking the time to talk with me about Craving Angel and for helping me to fill in some of the missing pieces in regards to this excellent, must-hear, hard & heavy outfit!  

Andy-For our readers who might not be familiar with the name could you please tell us about Craving Angel?

Bud-Craving Angel is a band out of Minneapolis Minnesota. Formed in the early 80"s by Scott Nelson. Craving Angel  came onto the scene and started recording once I joined the band. We left for L.A. in 1987 and arrived right when glam took over. We played the Sunset strip and surrounding areas and earned the respect of our peers in the music industry. Scott and I went through many incarnations of the band and had some offers for a deal, but either one of the other members had cold feet, or the publishing went to the company. Then their came grunge.Scott and I still write today and continue to do shows.

A-Who influenced you as a band and as individuals?

B-Ozzy, Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Dio, Sabbath we digested all of it and I think some of those influences comes out in our music.

A-How would you describe Craving Angel's sound to people who have never heard you before?

B-Hard hitting hard rock metal. It was important to make the songs melodic and moving with meaning. To tell a story.

A-What is the story behind "Dark Horse"?

B-"Dark Horse" is a song about the under dog and how it applies to life and your inner confidence and the human soul. It's about believing in yourself. It's one of the first songs we wrote together.,so we chose it for the album title and title song.

A-This is along the lines of the previous song question, but (since there are no indication marks one way or the other as to where each and every song comes from) is "Dark Horse" a collection of freshly recorded material? Old material re-released? A combination of both? Inquiring minds need to know LOL!

B-"Dark Horse" is a combination. Some songs were self-produced and experimental, and others done in a more controlled setting. The recordings span from the mid 80's until the mid 90's. We have a lot more songs unrecorded and recorded that we are looking to release in the future. (Editor's note: Please do as "Dark Horse" is just too cool so we need more and more Craving Angel material to satisfy are needs!!!!)

A-With that said, how did the deal with Minotauror Records come about?

B-Glenn Wrigley (Editor's note: When it comes to PR, Glenn is probably one of the nicest and down to Earth guys out there!) approached me on Facebook about another band I was in back in the early 80's before Craving Angel that had an album out. The guitar player owned all the publishing and wouldn't sign the deal. At the same time Scott and I were getting all of our material together that we recorded through the years and I presented it to Glenn and we did the deal. Very cool....Thanks Glenn and Marco!

A-What was the scene like back in the day when you were first active?

B-L.A. was just going glam when we hit. Very cool though. The strip was one big party with band flyers as the confetti...Had some great show's and lived that kind of rock-n-roll lifestyle. Very cool.

A-Speaking for myself here (although I'm willing to be many fans fill the same way!), but it really should have lasted longer for you guys. Craving Angel should have been larger and more revered especially seeing as your sound just about perfectly bridged hard rock and heavy metal! But, it is what it is. So, as the last question and all could you tell us what the band members have been up to in the intervening years? 

B-Scott and myself continue to play and write with each other as well as other artists in the Twin Cities. The original rhythm section is back in Minnesota doing other projects. Other contributors  are scattered and I don't know where they are.

A-Thanks Bud and good luck with all! 

For our readers, if you haven't read my review yet of the stellar "Dark Horse" then be sure to click on the link below!


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