Thursday, March 06, 2014

Klem-Ritagli Di Tempo


Self-produced and self-released at the tail end of 2013, with Atomic Stuff Promotion simply stepping in to offer up a kind hand of support, "Ritagli Di Tempo" is the first full-length release from Italian rock trio Klem. Formed out of the ashes of a previous band called Jab (featuring bassist Umberto Patuzzo and drummer Francesco Schiavi) the band came together in 2010 with the (fortunate) addition of vocalist/guitarist Leonard Scali. (Jokingly) self-dubbed "Fluo Rock" the group's sound could best be described modern alternative rock by way of seventies rock (only with equal access given to The Killers and Queens of the Stone Age as can be seen & heard on the band's first video of "Quando cogli un fiore"!). Age-wise these three might be on the younger side of life (or at least as viewed through the eyes of this near 41 year old reviewer!), but their sound is remarkably much more mature all around. Variety plays a solid roll as evident by "Ritagli Di Tempo" first few tracks. "Scacco Matto" might just be (heavy) rocking, modern alternative fare, but by the second track (the slightly fuzzy "Specchi Infanti") it seems quite obvious that these three lads are not above (lovingly) embracing everyone from U2 to Jane's Addiction to even early pop-punk such as The Buzzcocks! As it's all sung in their native language though that could prove to be a draw-back. Still, the looks are there when it comes to these three as are the licks. And besides, there's plenty of fun-loving hooks on numbers like "Da te" and "Poi si fermerà" to go around (More nods of appreciation towards modern alternative rock as well as modern day radio rock? Sure, why not? Especially when it simply floors the peddle down on "Poi si fermerà"!). Back to the variety though for a second and we take a close look at "Mobile Classico", which recalls classic Beck, before peeking in on space-age (jam) rocker "Fluo", "2" (Material Issue meets The Killers?) and then rock and roll closer, "Acqua, terra e fuoco". All told Klem's "Ritagli Di Tempo" is a solid debut output that excels not only in regards to the album's bookends  ("Sacco Matto" and "Acqua, terra e fuoco"), but between the covers ("Quando cogli un fiore", "Specchi Infanti", "Da te", etc.). You can check out the group's video for "Quando cogli un fiore" right below and hear the album in it's entirety right here:

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