Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Carried By Six-Carried By Six


Technically spelled out as "Carriedbysix", with this (long time coming) self-titled, full-length release serving as a proper introduction for this five-piece modern metal collective, Ohio's next big thing was first presented to me last weekend by lead vocalist Nick Pecone (also of soon to be reviewed Purveyors Of Fiction). Since then I've been looping this nine-track recording over and over again in my (metal) mind and (metal) heart! First formed many moons ago as a basement project (the best kind of bands!) Carriedbysix debut output* was recorded in different locations over the course of a year and was mixed by Jeff Dunne (Daylight Dies, Cephalic Carnage, Emmure). Alongside seasoned-musician/versatile lead vocalist Nick Pecone (Burns To The Soul, Purveyors Of Fiction, ex-Uptight Sugar, ex-Autumn Awaits, ex-Diablo Mojo, ex-The Bentreys,   ex-The Decoys and ex-Vrede Hemel), who incidentally proved to be the missing piece to the puzzle/answer to the age old question of "Who can properly convey the appropriate amount of emotion depth needed to take us to the next level?", the band features numerous musicians with ties to some of Ohio's more well-known local bands. Both Donald Spak (guitar) and Alex Hamrick (drums) were members of metalcore outfit Amentia (which can be heard, roots-wise, in cuts like "White Out Tide" and "Pillars") while bassist Mike Bakos and guitarist Garrett Andrews previously played in The Burning Dawn. Meanwhile Carriedbysix's potent rhythm once played together in Lie so there's also that connection. With so many metallic veterans assembled in one place one can't help but assume that everything would work out nicely. The thing is no one (or at least not me!) could have reasonably predicted just how well this outfit would gel and how righteous the group's self-titled album would sound! While this Cleveland lot generally fall under the umbrella of all that is "modern metal" in actuality the group combs through the best parts of classic heavy metal and thrash (technical), progressive metal, epic metal and (even if it's just a smidgen of it) melodic death metal and, thanks to Nick's previous experience with punk and alternative outfits, magically glues everything together into a modern work of art! That might sound as if I'm overselling a local act like Carriedbysix, but until you hear this bunch for yourselves there is no way in which you could completely convey how well a melodic number like the soulful "Somium" works next to a stunning cut like "Poison Blue"! Mixing together harmony and heavy metal doesn't exactly result in a new flavor obviously. Still, few acts pull it off so effortlessly like these Ohio natives. Technically sound (some of these leads could have come straight from "Master Of Puppets"!) and insanely tight in their execution, with heavy thrashers like the killer "Whom Gods Destroy" and the short and sweet (and downright gritty!) "Guilty" providing further proof of this five-piece's ability to rage out while still keeping it all in check, Carriedbysix are exactly how modern day metal bands should function. By bringing different elements into the equation and providing the listener with exciting music that sounds natural and fluid (and is filled with crazy good hooks to boot!) Carriedbysix are yet another example of how amazing the Ohio metal scene has become! You can preview and purchase this one for yourself at the link below and (unless I am mistaken which wouldn't be the first time and most certainly won't be the last time friends!) pick up physical copies sometime in May!

*The band also released a demo at one point, but for all intensive purposes this finely-recorded and well-crafted full-length album is the band's proper debut!

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