Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Darkyra Black-Dragon Tears


Prior to clicking on this promo I had no idea what to expect. Who or what is Darkyra Black? If I was to simply go by the artwork then I'd probably be guessing something akin to a gothic Duran Duran! As it turns out the gothic part is correct, but the Duran Duran part for like a thousand miles off! For it seems that Darkyra Black, an absolutely stunning beauty(!), is an Australian symphonic metal singer and "Dragon Tears" is the debut offering of Darkyra Black. Make sense so far? Besides the lovely Darkyra Black, whose voice is every bit as sultry and seductive as it is powerful and engaging, the band features drummer Garry King (Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner, Ian Parry) of power metal outfit Achillea, guitarists Betovani Denelli and Paul Jupe (Achillea), bassist Colin Haynes (Achillea) and keyboardest Fab Jablonski (Achillea). As Darkyra Black has provided backing vocals for Achillea it makes sense that all of these members of said symphonic metal/power metal act lend a helping hand on her debut album. Oh, and not only is it a debut album, but It's also a concept album based on a "Gothic interpretation of a geisha like tale that ends in tragedy. Love, loss, lust, betrayal and revenge." Naturally anytime a young act attempts to tackle a concept album there are numerous risks involved. But for a new act to tackle one on their debut recording? That's pretty bold right? To Darkyra Black's credit "Dragon Tears" is a pretty solid undertaking. I've never heard Achillea myself, but I would imagine that some of that band's same symphonic metal and power metal elements show up on this debut album along with generous helpings of  gothic rock, traditional heavy metal, melodic hard rock, epic metal and even progressive rock! In their words the music is "dark, passionate and edgy" and I'd say that that about covers "Dragon Tears"! No, but really this music is dark and a bit mysterious and thanks to some solid guest musicians (George Boussounis-additional keyboards/samples/arrangement, Michael Porfyris -cello, Ilias Sdoukos -viola, Laertis Kokolanis - violin) "Dragon Tears" is a good way! Along with Achillea influences are listed on her Facebook as being Tarja, Edenbridge, Dio, Kate Bush and Nightwish although I'd add in Amy Lee of Evanescence fame as well when it comes to Darkyra Black. If goth-tinged symphonic/melodic power metal with strong female vocals and heavy rock guitars sounds promising to you then "Dragon Tears" is worth checking out. I'll admit I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as I did, but between the skilled musicians involved and Darkyra's enticing vocals this one was easy enough to get caught up in! Solid as a rock for a debut recording, and a concept album to boot(!), "Dragon Tears" is a good start for this Australian vocalist who, with time and some luck, should evolve into a more recognizable name.

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