Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Midnite Hellion-"Hour of the Wolf" Single

Witches Brew

Fronted by Pamela "P.J." Berlinghof (Twilight Odyssey, ex-Wind Wraith), who replaced original vocalist Sonny Zackeo from the looks of it,  Midnight Hellion are a traditional heavy metal act from New Jersey that was formed back in 2011. This 7-inch, limited-edition vinyl (100 copies on translucent blue and 400 classic black) features two tracks (the title cut and "The Morrigan") (400 copies) and, along with a soon to be released live (cassette) entitled "Bitchin' at Champs! 11-15-2013", serves as an appetizer while the group works on their first full-length LP. With not only a new vocalist in place (and a powerful one at that!), but a guitarist as well (Nick DiGiovacchino), Midnight Hellion, which also features guitarist/backing voclaist Dan Sclavi, bass guitarist/backing vocalist Bill Dripps and drummer/backing vocalist Drew Rizzo (ex-Capitalist Death Machine, ex-Horrifier) draws their sound from a variety of sources while (effectively I might add) cramming them into it's (compact) original identity. Musically it's some U.S. power metal (Helstar, early Satan's Host and Virgin Steel), some traditional heavy metal/eighties heavy metal (Metal Church, Jag Panzer/Titan Force, Malice, Shok Paris, Warlord and Tarot), some N.W.O.B.H.M. (Judas Priest, Desolation Angels, Satanic Rites, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Fast Kutz and Rock Goddess), N.W.O.T.H.M. (Skull Fist, Enforcer and Cauldron) and, naturally given P.J.'s presence on the mic, some female-fronted acts like Warlock/Dio, Acid and Hellion (P.J. sounds quite a bit like Ann Boleyn!). On paper that sounds like a jumbled mess I'm sure, but in actuality it's some fair solid, heavy rocking, straight-up metal that should (given time to develop and gel with a consistent line-up) make for a nice addition to the field of traditional heavy metal. This is one band to keep an eye and ear out for as all of the pieces seem to be in place for something special! 


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