Friday, February 21, 2014

Devil You Know-"Shut It Down" (Official Demo)

More or less formed by the pair of Francesco Artusato (guitarist of All Shall Perish and The Francesco Artusato Project) and John Sankey (drummer who has played with Devolved, Fear Factory and Divine Heresy) Los Angeles-based Devil You know is a new extreme metal/modern metal outfit featuring ex-Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones (also of Blood Has Been Shed fame). Signed to Nuclear Blast Entertainment, and also featuring bassist Ryan Wombacher (Bleeding Through) and guitarist Roy Lev-Ari, the band, who (at least judging by the rough sound of this demo version of "Shut It Down") posses some of Killswitch Engage's sick, post-metalcore, audio anarchy, has a new album in store for sometime in 2014. On "Shut It Down", which can be heard via the YouTube link below, Howard sounds as fierce as ever and while I won't be pulled into the whole Howard verses Jessie debate that seems to be at the center of every conversation when it comes to this stellar front-man I will hedge my bet on Howard's new project! Other then the noticeable absence of bassist Ryan Wombacher (let's hope the band's full-length release doesn't bury him in the mix or for that matter completely restrict his playing as these kind of hard-hitting metal albums are much more effective when the bass guitar is given room to roam!) I'd say that Devil You Know are on to something here so be sure to "like" the band on their Facebook page so that you can keep up to date on the various happenings of what just might be one of heavy metal's newest wonders!

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