Friday, February 14, 2014

Nümph-Theories of Light

Independent Release

Issued back in November of 2013, with the EP, "Four Zoas" having proceeded this release by two or so years, "Theories of Light" is Nümph's first full-length album. It's also Nümph's foray into the realm of modern day/modern metal-infused progressive metal. Recorded at The Basement studio, mixed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, The Sword) and mastered by Ed Brooks from RFI Studios (Rem, Isis, Pearl Jam) "Theories of Light" finds Nümph (a band which was formed in late 2010 and is fronted by guitarist Marco Bartoliin) mostly adhering to the progressive metal handbook with only a few trick plays like growls and some neatly-placed classic rock-like solos (presumably by lead guitarist Luca Giampietri) thrown in for good measure. As far as debut albums go it's hard to find much fault in "Theories of Light" and one can't help but wish good fortune upon this Carrara, IT-based four-piece. You can find out more from the bandcamp link below.

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