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Hailing from Toronto, Ontario and (for the most part) musically falling somewhere between (heavy) industrial rock (think early N.I.N. and Filter), goth rock and 90's grunge (specifically Alice In Chains and "Louder Then Love"/"Badmotorfinger"-era Soundgarden) the cleverly-named ToxSyn is a one-man project from RC Ricci. With a full-length album reportedly due for release sometime later in 2014, which will be one debut album that I'll be keenly keeping an eye out for(!), this three-track EP offers a ground-floor look at one Canadian act that (hopefully) will be around for a long time to come! Opening with "Crumble to Clay", which is probably the most "commercial"-sounding cut of the three on "ToxSyn", RC Ricci shows off his love for both the old-school (Black Sabbath/Alice Cooper) and "new"-school (Soundgarden/White Zombie) while aiming his sites on creating a distinct sound all his own. And, for the most part, he succeeds in that quest as ToxSyn's sound is fairly unique all around. The heavy metal-tinged "Be My Evil" continues the exploration of both old and newer sounds as does the (early) Ministry-like "Toxic Shock". While they both offer knowing nods of appreciation towards the likes of Rob Zombie I somehow found myself thinking about God Is LSD as well. Although here's the thing. With ToxSyn the delivery is a bit more raw and (in a good way) the project almost has a garage metal-like vibe. Both of those elements give a band like ToxSyn an almost punk-like appeal and a rather charming underground edge. If "ToxSyn" lacks anything it's blistering guitar solos, something that would give this Canadian band a bit more "attitude". Otherwise I like where this project is going and I look forward to hearing more from RC Ricci down the line. 

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