Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Everthrone-Evil Tongues

Tribunal Records

Released at the end of last year and serving as the debut album for this South Carolina five-piece, "Evil Tongues", which was produced by Divebomb remastering engineer Jamie King, is another recording from the Divebomb Bootcamp series. Original formed under the name of Merzah in 2005, during which time the group released one EP entitled "In the Trenches" and one LP called "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury", the band changed their name to Everthrone in 2012 and, from the sounds of this long-player, never once looked back! Lead by the talented Russell Plyler (a front-man for all occasions he makes hasty work of both the original cuts on this album, which come down to a fairly traditional melodic power metal/progressive metal style, while also conveying the proper emotional response needed for a cover of Real Lifes' "Send Me an Angel") this heavy metal doesn't have all of the pieces in place yet, but there are enough signs pointing towards greater things to come that it's easy enough to overlook any negatives that might be encountered along the way (let's just say that the rest of the band hasn't quite caught up to the skill level of Russell Plyer and leave it at that). Chalk this one down as a band to watch. 

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