Saturday, February 01, 2014

Sound of Memories-Living Circles


Sounds of Memories, who call Paris, Île-de-France home, are another up-and-coming act who have signed on with Contorted Records. Formed in 2010, and with bands as diverse as Iron Maiden and Carcass serving as their musically influences, this French melodic death metal act released "Living Circles", their debut (and so far only) recorded output, late last October. This three-track EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at ZOE H Studio by Zoe H (Herrschaft, The CNK, Outburst, etc) and it finds this young five-piece trekking into the same territory that house acts like In Flames, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates - Hypocrisy, The Black Dahlia Murder and Arch Enemy. The only difference would be that Sound of Memories, which is fronted by Flo (Florent) and features lead & rhythm guitarist Del, lead & rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Lucho, bassist/backing vocalist Fab and drummer Nacim, almost come across as if their music was built upon a solid heavy metal foundation and then it was built up, riff by brutalizing riff, into the death metal monster that stands before us today! Well, there's that and then the fact that this group of well-skilled musicians also seems to draw upon a bit of the melodic death/metal power metal of bands like Mercenary and Children Of Bodom. When all of that is compressed and squeezed through it's French' filters  what you get is a dastardly little EP like "Living Circles"! So far that makes two for two bands on the newly reshaped Contorted Records and if these are the kind of acts that we can expect from this independent label then I say BRING IT ON!   

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