Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lionheart-Welcome to the West Coast

FastBreak! Records

Longing for the days when hardcore was still real, street-wise and honest to a fault? Well then how about we have a look-see at West Coast bangers Lionheart. Lead by Rob Watson, and calling Northern California home, this five-piece cuts straight to the point on opening "The Truth" and, in 16 minutes flat(!), proceeds to drill seven metal-laced hardcore tracks right into the base of your skull! What they do next to your skull I will leave up to your imagination, but needless to say on cuts like "Rat" these California natives do not mince words! Paying tribute to their scene on "Lhhc" we find the band (Watson, guitarists Nick Warner & Evan Krejci, bassist Brandon Wells and drummer Jay Scott) outdoing the likes of Hatebreed as they throw down the gauntlet! Less an album then a total shout-out to their hardcore posse, "Welcome to the West Coast" rattles heavy metal's cages on "I Am Forever" and "Hail Mary" by delivering crushing riffs and brutal beat-downs! When "Wasteland" shows up to finish the job once and for all you find yourself left wondering "What the HELL was that?". Swapping out Madball guitar solos for Motörhead-like bass riffs (all while reflecting back on what made the hardcore scene of the nineties so legit to begin with!) Lionheart, who have a (half-crazed and hellbent for flesh and blood!!!) pit bull with a solid-gold heart in front-man Rob Watson, prove that it's still possible to find bands with street cred even in this day and age! Hardcore with a message, and the muscle to back it up, "Welcome to the West Coast" is the real thing in a scene filled to overflowing with pathetic imitators 

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