Friday, January 31, 2014

Unscarred-Fake Democracy

Contorted Records

Neo thrash metal from France featuring a "mysterious Persian metal princess" named Nelly* on lead vocals? Where do I sign up? Seriously though, when the promo for French metal act Unscarred was forwarded to me by site founder/main man Metal Mark I could help but be intrigued. Still, I must admit that I proceeded with caution as, truth be told, I've been burned by similar promises before. But once the vocals kicked in on "100 Lashes" I was sold! Well, the music hit me first (old school U.S. thrash acts such as Megadeth and Anthrax meet German thrash metal bands like Kreator and Coroner) and I was already impressed enough by that, but the powerful voice of Unscarred's beautiful lead vocalist adds that extra icing to the cake (if you will.) Having started out in Paris, France in 2002 (when bassist/founder Brice first came up with the idea of forming his own band) the modern day version of Unscarred actually began a few year later in 2006. With the addition of two talented guitarists in Boris (lead) and Niko (rhythm) the groundwork was firmly in place for what would eventually be one remarkable five-piece band! With the current line-up being rounded out by drummer Franck, and with modern influences such as Lamb of God now standing side-by-side some additional influences such as Pantera and Helmet, Unscarred's unreal talent soaks through the covers of "Fake Democracy" and spills out everywhere thanks to gnarly tracks like the title-cut and "Puppets Territory"! Now, technically speaking this release looks as if it dates back to October of 2012 (when it was most-likely still a self-release), but forget all that noise as this demo is about as relevant to today's metal scene as they come! Not only that but the production is so clean and clear that it's hard to believe that was actually a demo to begin with! Now snapped up by Contorted Records, whose motto, "Supporting the local music scene wherever local is.", I can most certainly get back behind, this one is available as both a digital download and (for the second time around mind you!) a limited-edition cassette tape! While I've obviously stoked about having found another awesome female-fronted metal band, with killer high-pitched vocals to boot, there is more to Unscarred then just the the lovely Nelly. Baking her up is one tight act which never strays far from Unscarred bottom-line message. What pray-tell is Unscarred's bottom-line message? While it's never actually spelled out one would have to assume that it is providing the most powerful, groove-heavy, Neo thrash/modern metal out there whether in France or worldwide! And in that regard this five-piece has achieved their goal!  Don't just take my word for it though. Check out the group's bandcamp page below to hear the aptly-titled (given America in the year 2014) "Fake democracy" for yourself!

Unscarred's bancamp page:

Unscarred's Facebook page: 

* Otherwise known as Niloofar (Nelly's Melody)

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