Thursday, February 06, 2014

One Pretty Minute-"Killswitch" Single

Broad Horizon Records

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio (a short, 2 1/2 drive for me!) and with two releases to their credit so far (2011's "The System" EP released on MyPixo records and 2012's "Addict" released on Cincinnati, Ohio-based Broad Horizon Records) we have the four-piece collective known as One Pretty Minute. Formed back in 2008, with (some) influences such as Sevendust, Nine Inch Nails, Breaking Benjamin, Alkaline Trio and (supposedly) Depeche Mode(!) being held responsible for all of the racket these guys make, the band just recently released this single off of the "Addict" release. Now, usually it would make sense for a group, one (reportedly) aimed at fans of Taproot, Nonpoint, Shinedown, Trapt, & Eye Empire like this Ohio act or not, to release a single in advance of a new recording or at least around the same time as when said recording came out. As "Addict" is from back in 2012 I admit that I am scratching my head a bit on this one, but, with a new full-length release supposedly being prepped for sometime in 2014 releasing a radio rocker like "Killswitch" now isn't the worst idea in the world (and trust me on that one as I've had more then my fair share of them as of late LOL!). Along with the previously released 2013 single "Hurt You", which truly seems aimed at FM radio rock stations nation-wide (and for good reason as it's well-crafted and executed!), that makes two singles off of one six-track release in "Addict". Based on the strength of both cuts though maybe I'll have to do some snooping around and secure "Addict" for further mention here at Heavy Metal Time Machine. That's a topic for later on though so what of "Killswitch" anyway? As stated in the accompanying promo material it's "aimed at fans of Taproot, Nonpoint, Shinedown, Trapt, & Eye Empire". I'd throw in Sevendust fans to and anyone who thinks that modern rock radio urgently needs alternatives to the whats passing for harder-edge rock these days. Admittedly I'm out of the loop on that one as the only times such stations (the ones that would play such horrible noise pollution) are played around me is when I'm feeling generous with my car radio (which usually involves my own teenagers and their like-minded friends) or when I'm out in public with no choice in the matter! Otherwise I still to the original purveyors of heavy and hard rock, but I'm getting off track a bit here so let's swerve back across the road to the nice and crunchy "Killswitch". Available wherever fine rock and roll is sold (meaning this one can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Last FM, etc.) "Killswitch" is enough to wet my appetite for more One Pretty Minute so I'll have to try to keep an eye peeled for this Ohio act as well. With so many eyes now looking out for so many bands (here in the U.S. or worldwide!) I'm likely to get all cross-eyed, but when you're always trying to find new indie and underground acts to cover those kinds of things happen!

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Blogger David Adams said...

Hey Heavy Metal Time Machine -
i hope this isn't in poor taste, but my name is David and I am the singer for One Pretty Minute... I came across your review as we are seeing some of the press releases pop up for our new single release...

I'd first like to say thank you so much for taking the time to listen to our song / CD and thinking enough of it to write about it... It really means the world to us..

I can answer a couple questions (all valid questions i might add) .. We had planned to release our new full length album entitled YOU LIVE HERE NOW on March 4th of this year... In that time, our drummer Andy Kuhar had a baby.. Beautiful baby girl.. Unfortunately, there were complications that kept her at the hospital for the first 3 months of her life.. we are so happy to say that Andy's beautiful baby girl is home and doing great now..

Anyway - with Andy's unexpected issues put a delay on our new album and we had already scheduled our tour...

So on this tour, we will be debuting new songs from our new upcoming album and working with our new guitarist BRIAN BANKS (WHO IS A MONSTER!!!)

AGAIN - Thank you so much for taking the time for a bunch of fools from the Buckeye state...

keep doing what you're doing because it is much needed in this current musical state.

Rock on
David Adams

12:02 PM  

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