Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nervosa-Victim of Yourself

Napalm Records

Formed in 2010, with bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira (ex-HellArise, ex-Hellgard) remaining the solo original member of this São Paulo-based thrash trio, Nervosa present their full-length debut in "Victim of Yourself". Proceeded by the 7" vinyl single "Time of Death" (self-released in August of 2012 it would be re-released by Napalm Records a mere month later!) this 12-track LP features extremely aggressive and legitimately fast thrash metal that has made fans out of fellow Brazilians' Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Soulfly,Cavalera Conspiracy) and Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) as well as the one and only Bobby Blitz of Overkill! Those are some pretty solid endorsements when you think about it, but Nervosa deserves such credit given the mad skills that these three lovely ladies lay down on "Victim of Yourself"! Andreas Kisser, who issued the following statement: "Nervosa has everything to make history in metal worldwide and follow the steps of other great power trios like Motörhead, Destruction, Coroner and Krisiun!", probably sums up feeling best when it comes to a band like Nervosa and given the skilled-set of musicians that bassist Fernanda Lira (a fine heavy metal front-woman whose killer voice resonates with sheer power!) has chosen to surround herself with this power trio should go far! Besides Fernanda Lira the band Nervosa features lead guitarist Prika Amaral and drummer Pitchu Ferraz (ex-Ajna, As Mercenarias, Wander Wildner, ex-Hellsakura) and, without overstating the obvious here, this ladies-only power trio shreds as well as any/all of their male counterparts! For such insane and over-the-top (and yet technically sound!) thrash metal there is plenty of melody to go around, but when push comes to shove these fine ladies simply lay waste to everything they encounter with their BRUTAL sonic assault. Part old-school and part modern there is just too much to love about about this Brazilian trio and for fans of extreme thrash this one seems like a real no-brainer!

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