Thursday, February 06, 2014

Kolony-"Echoes" Single


With a full album slated for sometime in 2014, Montréal-based Kolony recently released the single "Echoes". Along with "Anthem", another single from their upcoming album titled "Sledge" with a decidedly modern heavy rock meets N.W.O.B.H.M. take on Metallica (if the Bay Area bunch was keen on folk metal that is!), "Echoes" carries itself rather nicely and points toward what will most-likely be a rather solid offering (if the album teaser posted below is anything to go by). Self-dubbed "melodic rock metal", which seems rather fitting given the solid footing of the hard-driving "Echoes", the band is fronted by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Reno and rounded out by lead guitarist/backing vocalist Maxxx, bassist/backing vocalist Myk and drummer Anthony. 
You can hear both "Echoes" and the band's other single "Anthem" in their entirety below (both of which are well-crafted examples of just how effective modern rock/heavy can be when played by a bunch of fun-loving guys drawing from all thing early eighties!) as well as get a sneak-peak at "Sledge", and album that (hopefully) I'll be able to secure for review!


Album teaser:

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