Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cris Kailer (Skies Are Illusionists)-Replicating The Sun

Contorted Records

For whatever reason it seems as if I've been listening to a lot of progressive rock and progressive metal releases as of late. Both in my free time and in regards to potential review material. The latest release to peak my interest comes courtesy of Skies Are Illusionists (aka: Cris Kailer). Essentially a one-man project from multi-instrumentalist and West Chester, Pennsylvania native Cris Kailer (one extremely talented individual who is said to be influenced by the likes of Yes, Cynic and Cloudkicker) the EP "Replicating The Sun" is two tracks spread over the length of some sixteen minutes! Heavy on the improve (this one just screams free-form, prog rock jam band!) Skies Are Illusionists is (so far?) a (solo) instrumental project, but hopefully that could change down the road as this kind of "anything goes" progressive rock begs to be experienced in a live setting! Hopefully that will transpire and hopefully we'll be hearing more from this talented musician real soon!

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