Friday, February 21, 2014

Conan-Blood Eagle

Napalm Records

Scheduled for release at the tail end of this month "Blood Eagle" is only the second full-length for Liverpool's Conan. Having formed in 2006, before self-releasing the EP "Battle in the Swamps" at the very start of 2007, the band has a back-catalog that includes a lone demo, some splits, another EP (the well-received "Horseback Battle Hammer") and even a live album! And then of course there is the band's debut album from 2012, "Monnos". With "Blood Eagle" it's more of the same, but that's all good when you're talking about Conan and their patented brand of sludge/drone/doom metal. Slow and low, without ever giving the listener any excuse or desire to move on between tracks (as each and every one here brings about feelings of utter bliss-in a doomed and downright damned kind of way!), Conan are the very definition of the word HEAVY. As with any good power trio this lot (guitarist/vocalist Jon Davis, bassist/vocalist Phil Coumbe and drummer Paul O'Neill) makes use of the "less is more" motto while proving that they are worth their weight in gold thanks to epic (length-wise) numbers like "Crown of Talons", "Gravity Chasm" and "Altar of Grief". You can check out the sick track "Foehammer" via it's (cool) official video below and if you call yourself any sort of sludge/doom fanatic then be sure to snag "Blood Eagle" when it drops!

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