Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Mighty Wraith-The Awakening


Calling Birmingham, England their home, The Mighty Wraith, a traditional heavy metal/power metal band that has seemingly come out of nowhere to conquer all with their Manowar-themed metal(!), offer up one of the best debut-albums that I have heard in a L-O-N-G time! Despite the unassuming nature of this ten-track album's artwork (yes, admittedly it leaves a lot to be desired and it sure as hell doesn't even begin to convey what awaits the listener once you dare to hit play on album opener "Fury of the Norsemen"!) "The Awakening", which was dutifully-produced by Danny Nardone* (Aceldama), is chock full off N.W.O.B.H.M.-inspired leads (courtesy of Azza Potter and Jonathan Miller), furious drumming (Andrew Kirby) and top-on-the-world lead vocals (Matt Gore)! And speaking of lead vocals, Matt Gore is most certainly a highlight here as he's the perfect front-man that a band like The Might Wraith needs when it comes right down to making their personal take on traditional heavy metal work! Musically, besides the Manowar reference point mentioned previously, some of the more obvious influences spring to mind. Names like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio seem to be a more then fair starting point (as would be less-known acts like Heavy Load, Manilla Road, Sleepy Hollow, Dragonslayer and Dark Wizard), but The Mighty Wraith adds their own take to the genre and, thanks to some great lyrically-content, creates an instant heavy metal gem! From time to time new bands like The Might Wraith do actually pop up, ones that seem to have it all from the word go! With a fine debut-album like this already under their belts this UK-based heavy/power metal act looks poised to take that next step out into the battlefield of life. In the meantime why not take up arms and join them? As offered by not only "Fury of the Norsemen" (one spectacular opening number!), but "Nightmare World", "Dragonheart", "Awakening" and "Thunder Of The Gods", The Mighty Wraith take hold of the fire and head the battle cry! One can only hope that countless others (including record labels!) take notice of The Mighty Wraith as this young act comes across as hungry and driven. "The Awakening", which can be streamed here:, is already on my list of best releases for 2014 and, unless some other epic release comes around and blows my socks off (highly doubtful!), it will be my number one top debut-release of 2014! Don't take my word for it though! Hear for yourself why The Mighty Wraith has me heading the battle-cry at their bandcmap page above!

*Besides being responsible for the awesome sound on the 43 minute plus "The Almighty" Danny Nardone handles bass duites on t

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