Saturday, February 22, 2014

Primeval Realm-Primordial Light

Pure Steel Records

Pure Steel Records is not a label that one would usually associate with doom metal. So seeing them sign a band like Trenton, New Jersey's Primeval Realm does seem a tad bit odd. Still, it is what it is and with Primeval Realm we're talking about (essentially) a one man project with, prior to this seven-track debut album of course, three demos having been unleashed. Joe Potash (also of Horrifier) seems to be the main-man here and besides writing all of the music and lyrics he plays guitars, bass, keyboards and drums. Oh, and he sings quite divinely as well! Hmmmm, is "divinely" the right word for what Joe Potash lays down (vocal-wise) over top of straight-up old-school doom metal? Maybe "melodic" is a better choice? It's really a moot point as it's just one piece of the puzzle of Primeval Realm. The promo let's us know right off the bat that they are "full of homage to bands like Trouble, Candlemass, Saint Vitus/The Obsessed and Solitude Aeturnus" and man if that isn't about the straight up truth of the matter! Toss in some Black Sabbath and you've got a band that's doom-riffic (LOL) while, as Bruce Campbell would say, "Groovy!". You can check out the band's rather rock-filled "Heavy Is This Mind" video right below and kudos to Pure Steel Records on broadening their horizon with this pick up!

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