Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hëssler-"Never Lost My Way" Single w/ new lead vocalist Jessikill!

Back in mid-January Chicago's Hëssler announced that they had parted ways with lead vocalist Lariyah Daniels. While everyone parted on good terms, with Lariyah Daniels apparently leaving Chicago for Atlanta (and planning to eventually return to music), the split couldn't have come at a worse time for the heavy rock/heavy metal outfit. Many, including yours truly, wondered how exactly this band planned to carry on? How could you even hope to replace someone like Lariyah Daniels? Well, as it turns out Hëssler had an ace up their sleeves in the shape and form of Jessikill. A classically trained vocalist and former X-Factor contestent, Jessikill fills the void left by Daniels' departure and proves the old adage correct that "good things come in small packages"! A powerhouse of a vocalist, Jessikill's name is more then fitting and with a three-track Maxi-single to be released in late March (to be followed by March Metal Madness) Hëssler looks as if they have come out of this whole ordeal smelling likes roses! You can check out the lovely Jessikill in action thanks to the official video for "Never Lost My Way" (a killer little rock and roll number if I do say so!) and be sure to check out the group's webpage which is jam-packed with all sorts of goodies! Ob behalf of all Hëssler fans and Heavy Metal Time Machine I just want to say welcome Jessiskill and say good job to her new band-mates on what is a fantastic pick-up!


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