Monday, February 24, 2014

Interview with ForChristSake

Having first heard Northern Ireland-based ForChristSake back in July of 2012 (thanks to Roxx Records' "Summer Sampler 2012" compilation) it was only last month that I was able to experience their full-length debut album, "Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror", and then their debut EP, "Death Is But A Breath Away". Both releases an excellent example of extreme metal, but from a Christian view-point. You can read all about these two recordings at this link ( Meanwhile I had the opportunity to talk a little with this young act and I just want to thank them for taking the time to do that. Enjoy!
Andy-First off I just have to ask. Is there a Christian metal scene at all in your part of Ireland?
ForChrsitSake-More secular and we are sometimes derided for what we are trying to do we are more accepted outside of our own country but we do not let that stop our vision of the band and its ministry
Andy-Drummer/vocalist Ignatios formed ForChristSake out of a previous band correct? Could you give us a time-frame as well?
ForChristSake-ForChristSake formed as a proper unit in 2008 when Ignatios asked Mark to join the band along with another guitarist - we subsequently picked up Simon on lead and Guy soon after we rehearsed solidly for a year before gigging or recording, Ignatios had the original idea for the band but the right people didn't materialise until 2008.
A-How was the name decided on?
FCS-We were tired of the Lords name be used as a blaspheme or curse word we wanted to take it back and use it for the right reasons in that we do this ForChristSake -

Andy- What are some of your influences? Either as a band or as individuals?
FCS-Mixed influences mostly metal such as Christian metal bands Mortification Zao, and other non Christian such as Gojira, Sepultura and Emperor to name a few but other non metal influences too
A-Was "Death Is But A Breath Away" the first recording from ForChristSake?
FCS-Yes an EP of 4 songs there are other songs from those sessions still in the FCS riff fridge it was our first recording we are happy with the response it got but we feel we have progressed from this original foray what with the release of our debut album AVODT
A-Is there a story behind the departure of former lead vocalist/keyboardist Guy Taylor or was it a amicable split?
FCS-Generally amicable and at that time Guy wanted to play guitar in another band we have always been on good terms with Guy he brings an energy to FCS and has stood in for us on some gigs and continues to be a good friend to the band.

 A-And finally, how did the deal with Roxx Records come about?
FCS-I sent Bill Roxx a video link of our video for "O" from our EP he liked what he heard and saw and over a number of discussions online and over the phone he offered us a deal - we are very happy to be with Roxx and Bill has been ultra supportive of us.
As I've now had the chance to listen to both recordings quite a bit, with the new album being absolutely dynamite(!), I've just got to say that this is one band that manages to pull off extreme metal (elements of hardcore, death metal, modern metal and even some black metal roar through their debut album!) while being theologically sound lyric-wise! Their debut album comes with a 12-page booklet which, besides featuring nifty artwork, includes all of the lyrics to their songs! There's no doubt that Christin metal has come a LONG WAY from it's humble beginnings, but even in that regard ForChristSake are undeniably HEAVY and EXTREME! I've just got to say how impressive it is that these guys are doing their thing for God while also unleashing some of 2014's most (unreal) BRUTAL riffs and INSANE drumming! Talk about making a joyful NOISE unto the Lord! 

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