Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chapel-Satan's Rock N Roll LP

Invictus Productions

Originally released in August of 2012, with a Japanese CD re-release by Spiritual Beast appearing on February 13th, 2013  (expanding this 10-track release to a 12-track release thanks to the inclusion of  2 bonus tracks in "Gates of Hell" and a cover of Inepsy's "See You in Hell"), Chapel's full-length debut album has just recently been  re-released on vinyl by Invictus Productions. It is the vinyl version of "Satan's Rock N Roll" that I'm covering (or rather the album's MP3s) and, since it's hump day and I'd just like to cut to the chase and try to get more then a few reviews done today, we'll keep things brief. This Canadian act is not treading any new water with this 10-track album of blackened speed/thrash. As long as you realize that and/or expecting that then there's no reason one can't enjoy this album for what it is. Imagine Motörhead as a black metal-inspired outfit and that is more or less what you get with Canada's Chapel. With a few flashes of group's like Tank, Sodom and (of course) Venom sprinkled through-out these 10-tracks this one is what it is-songs about beer drinking, Satan, raising hell and rocking out play out over-top of biker metal and, if one doesn't get all tripped over the fact that it isn't groundbreaking, then an album like this one is at least easy to lift a tall cold one to! If you can look past this one's "influences" then "Satan's Rock N Roll" is a pretty wicked little way to kill a half an hour or so! 

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