Thursday, February 27, 2014

Endless Chaos-Rejected Arocity


"Abrasive, energetic and chaotic" are the three words that Winnipeg, Manitoba-based Endless Chaos choose to describe their uncompromising sound. And on their upcoming EP, "Rejected Arocity" (Which is inspired by the horror movie "Re-Animator" of all things! Sweet!), those three words are more than a little appropriate! Three other words that could be used to describe this five-piece band would have to be thrash, death and black! That's what these five fine gentlemen (Vocalist Jordan Dorge, Guitarists Mike Menza & Mike Toews, Bass Guitarist Jeff Humarang and Drummer James Burton) bring to the party! So far there doesn't seem to be any artwork for this 3-track EP (hence the band photo above), but that's neither here nor there in regards to what this Winnipeg band coughs up thanks to a tantalizing blend of (influences) Kreator, Testament, Sepultura, Dissection, Carnage, Skeletonwitch and Black Sabbath! Mixed and mastered by Ryan Forsyth Recorded at Grimfrykt Media Productions, which gives this one a pure joy of an underground vibe, this EP (the band's debut release!) also stretches the boundaries of death and thrash by  incorporating other (subtle) influences along the lines of Impaled, Death, Slayer, Havok, Dark Angel, Carcass and Dismembered! Having (so far) shared the stage with not only one of their influences (Skeletonwitch), but bands such as Wretched, 3 Inches of Blood, Aborted and Kataklysm, Endless Chaos has seemingly come a long way in a very short time! Fans of aggressive thrash/death would due well to check out this EP. For now you can hear two of three tracks from "Rejected Arocity" at the bandcamp like below. 

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