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Purveyors Of Fiction-Invisible Ink

Refried Audio

As promised this is the second band/second release from well-traveled musician/versatile lead vocalist Nick Pecone (Burns To The Soul, Carriedbysix, ex-Uptight Sugar, ex-Autumn Awaits, ex-Diablo Mojo, ex-The Bentreys, ex-The Decoys and ex-Vrede Hemel) to be covered here at Heavy Metal Time Machine. The previous act, as some of you may recall (ie: the handful of loyal readers that I have who remain under lock and key at the various prisons and mental help facilities across this great land of ours), was Ohio modern metal/progressive metal band Carriedbysix ( who, unlike today's entry, fell squarely into the more "loud and proud" category. But, before we get into what makes this trio tick how about a little bit of history? Here's the "official" bio as sent to me by Nick Pecone (lead vocals & bass) himself. "Nick was drunk at the Agora bitching about how they stole his boxcutters he'd forgotten on him from work. He told Drew* he'd start a band with him because Nick starts bands when he's drinking. Drew thought Nick was a creepy dickhead but he'd suffice until he could find someone new. Drew and Luke were already friends and with Nick they had a full lineup so the band formed. At this point no one has come forward to replace Nick, unfortunately, so he's stuck in the lineup". Got that? Yes? No? Need more help? Alright. So, besides Nick Pecone** of course, Purveyors Of Fiction features guitarist Andrew Minor (Twat Waffle) and drummer Luke Heberle (also the guitarist/lead vocalist of Sails). On their new, just recently-released so it still has that new car smell folks(!), six-track EP, "Invisible Ink", vocalist Nick Pecone and company offer up what they call "stoner blues punk". Of course on their Facebook page Purveyors Of Fiction  is also described as "A Heavy Psychedelic Blues-Punk Trio". Now, if you are like me at all (in which case I truly do feel remorse for you!) you'd probably think of Blue Cheer if you heard the phrase "Heavy Psychedelic Blues-Punk Trio". Or at least something similar. The truth is Purveyors Of Fiction, which lists there influences as being Queens of the Stone Age, The Misfits, Boris. Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Bad Religion and Wisdom In Chains, are all of that (stoner, punk, blues, psychedelic rock) and much, much more! And that's what makes this EP a sure-fire pick-up! These six tracks, which end up clocking in at about 23 minute, really do cover a lot of ground. For example, opener "Veins" is fuzzy, feedback-infused post-rock/grunge (Swans meets The Velvet Underground meets Nirvana perhaps?) while "Darling Darla" (great title!) reminds me of both Blue Cheer and the Butthole Surfers! "Good Man" is blues by way of acid rock and then there's a cut like "Drowning" where, under the cover of night and layers of distortion, this trio trips the light fantastic with some wonderfully diverse groups such as Queens of the Stone Age and Iron Butterfly although honestly there's plenty of love shown to both The Germs and Iggy & The Stooges as well! Closing cut "Gypsy" sounds like Beck being covered by a super-group made up of members of The Melvins, Sonic Youth and Suicide, all of which wraps this EP up in a rather lovely fashion! Length-wise the shortest track here is the dirty punk rocker "Poison Kiss" at 2:46 while the aforementioned "Darling Darla" (again, just love that title!) has a run-time of 4:30. Translated that means that not one of these tracks over-stays it's welcome. Available at a price of $5.00 (for the digital download at least which is linked below), "Invisible Ink" is a worthwhile pick up for punks and bangers alike!

*Otherwise known as Andrew Minor!

**While racking my head trying to figure out who Nick reminded me of in this band (as he really is a versatile front-man as observed in the different delivery he provides here verses Carriedbysix!) I stumbled across this review ( on YouTube. As I believe in giving due credit where credit is due (sorry, but I couldn't help myself with that little bit!) I want to thank "Master Exploder" (no doubt his Christian name right?) for pointing me in the direction of Wolfmother! Here in Purveyors Of Fiction vocalist/bassist Nick is (at times) almost the spitting mirror image (vocally) of Wolfmother founder/vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale! It would have driven me crazy if not for this helpful hint so I tip my hat in appreciation and offer up a tall cold one to you, Mr. Master Exploder! Thanks!

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