Saturday, March 08, 2014

Forgotten Gems: Möwer-Bastard Bröthers

Cruel Noise Records

Stop me if you've heard this one before. First, a punk rock band from Pittsburgh (featuring two brothers in Craig and Sean Simpson) discovers that yes, it's alright if you play crazy fast (thanks in no small part to stumbling upon D.R.I.'s classic album, "Crossover"). Afterwards, no doubt through divine inspiration (because after all, Lemmy is God!*), said band is introduced to the almighty Motörhead and, one quick name change later, Möwer is born! "Bastard Bröthers", which was recorded at the Grease Diner, is actually Möwer's second release and (in all seriousness here folks!) it's a gloriously sleazy ride towards rock and roll damnation! It can be checked out here: and I just want to give a quick thank you/shout out to the site Rust Belt Hammer ( which I recently discovered. Covering music from my general part of the country, Rust Belt Hammer actually interviewed this crazy Penn.-based punk n' metal act which is how I was able to gather so much "back-story" on these brothers and their "Sex, drugs and rock n' roll" lifestyle! The groovy "Bastard Bröthers" is available as a digital download (the price is only $1!) and/or on cassette ($4!) so if you've every wanted to know what Motörhead would sound like if they were a Pittsburgh punk n' metal act now is your chance!

*If you've never seen it then check out the movie "Airheads"!

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