Friday, March 07, 2014

Sinezamia-Senza Fiato


Italy's Sinezamia, featuring the vocal talent of Marco Gazzi, are another impressive act signed to Atomic Stuff Production. "Senza Fiato", which was released last October (of 2013 naturally!), is the latest release from this band that traces its roots back to 2004. Available as both a digital download (pretty much everywhere fine music is sold!) and CD single,  "Senza Fiato" is charmingly rugged garage rock and roll with new wave and dark metal roots. Without getting too far off track with my rambling, which is something I'm far too often known for(!), this single (sung in their native language as is all of their work apparently) works because the two tracks here ("Senza Fiato" which is 3:17 and "Cenere" which is 5:08) are real (read: rather honest in approach and delivery!) works of art without the (oft-bloated) self-sense of importance that plagues far too many young artists these days (no names please, but we all know of way too many modern day rock/alt-rock bands that strut around like they are the next Beatles or some other silliness!).  When rock is represented in earnestness it (arguably) connects with it's target audience on a more personable level and with Sinezamia one gets the feeling that there isn't all that much distance separating them (emotionally-speaking) from their listeners. For fans of natural rock (albeit slightly dark rock) a single like this one should be appreciated!

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