Sunday, March 09, 2014

Tyrants Blood-Coven

Tridroid Records

Back in September of 2013 I covered Tyrant Blood's excellent "Into the Kingdom of Graves", an album that, besides (eventually) being released on LP (a very cool looking piece of vinyl at that!), was also issued under Tridroid Records. "Coven", while it will unfortunately not see a physical release (this one is digital only boys and girls), is nonetheless as impressive of a release if only because it collects previously released material by Vancouver-based extreme metal act (or at least material that has seen physical release before, but never digital release!) and crafts a sort-of, kind-of, "Best Of" scenario! For the uninitiated amongst you Tyrants Blood play a fairly BRUTAL form of extreme metal that highlights all the good pieces/parts of said genre (death metal, thrash and black metal) and, after compressing them under a pile of hellfire and damnation, spits it all back out at the listener with enough piss and vinegar to make one smile all day long! Not much more needs to be said as this act needs to be experienced to be appreciated so stop whatever it is you're doing (besides reading this wonderful review!) and head to the link below to download this beauty of a beast!

Review of previously released "Into the Kingdom of Graves" album:

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