Friday, March 14, 2014

Hëssler-"The Cure" Single


Chicago's Hëssler recently released the second song off of their "Never Lost My Way" maxi single. Meant to (further) showcase new lead vocalist/San Antonio, Texas-native (and pardon me if I'm out of line with this one) absolute doll Jessica "Jessikill" Marie Espinoza (formerly of the band Jessikill), "The Cure" is more rock then metal and more slow then the (previously released and also covered here) uptempo "Never Lost My Way". You can hear the number for yourself  thanks to You Tube and while it might not be the thrill ride that "Never Lost My Way" proved to be it does at least provide further proof that this Chicago act can and will survive the kind of line-up shake-up that has done in many a lesser band!

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