Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dead Earth Politics-The Queen of Steel


Austin-Texas heavy thrash/groove metal band Dead Earth Politics are offering the three-track EP "The Queen of Steel" as a digital-only, name-your-price download that will come complete with lyrics and liner notes.You can find the download link at their official site below. Active since 2005, with this serving as the band's second EP and third overall release, the band has been compared to the likes of Lamb of God, Iron Maiden and Pantera and really (if we're simply to go by this 13+ minute EP) that's a fairly spot-on description (especially, musically-speaking and all, the Lamb of God and Iron Maiden parts where it's almost like the old Reese's Peanut Butter bit of someone got chocolate in my peanut butter/someone got peanut butter in my chocolate only with someone got Lamb of God in my Iron Maiden and vice versa!!!)! Opener "Redneck Dragonslayer" (Yeah, I know! I love the title as well boys and girls!) starts the party off on the right foot and with a (seemingly) new lead vocalist named Ven Scott doing his best to sound like a raged-out and metal moshing maniac version of Phil Anselmo it's (as those crazy kids these days like to say!) "all good in the hood"! While their are also clean vocals sprinkled throughout this (bad mutha of a) EP it's not quite clear who contributes those so we'll just say that whoever it is that handles that side of the coin does a pretty bang-up job! Actually, kudos all around as this one simply slays! From start to finish, top to bottom it's one all out rage of a recording! So, that begs the question then as to why  I was left feeling sad at the end of it all? Well, that can be summed up fairly easily. I was sad because it's w-a-y too freakin' s-h-o-r-t! That's one thing that drives me bat shit crazy about these little slabs of METAL fraggin' WARFARE! Starting strong and then teasing me by tearing through a mere three tracks just doesn't cut it with me friends! Why is it that all of real rock and shock, flat-out rage feasts are always t-o-o damn short? Dead Earth Politics are the kind of act that need a full, flushed out LP so that it doesn't simply come to a grinding halt just when you're really getting your rage on! Granted, it's a stupid complaint right? It's only a length-issue at the end of the day. Still, I really want to hear a full-length BEAST out of this Austin act now so let's hope that this little teaser is just wetting our appetites for a full-scale invasion of thrash metal groove glory!!!!

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