Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dark Forest-The Awakening

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Dark Forest first appeared on my radar thanks to their appearance on the excellent "Madder Than A Full Moon Dog" DVD ( where they played "The Wizard of Alderley Edge". Drawn in by their inspired take on heavy metal/power metal I quickly went out and snagged a copy of their 2009 self-titled disc off of which the track appears. That album has received many plays in my household and now this UK act,  which hails from Dudley, West Midlands, England and was first formed in 2002, hits back with album number three, "The Awakening"! While the band's enjoyable blend of traditional heavy metal (which also borrow from their home country's classic scene via some well-placed N.W.O.B.H.M.!) and power metal is still present the new disc (all fifty or so minutes of it!) also indulges in some folk metal-leanings. For my money though this one is still heavy metal through and through and for a band that (not all that long ago mind you!) saw some line-up changes the consistency is still present and the band just keeps on trucking! With not only a new guitarist in tow in Pat Jenkins (Grene Knyght), but also a new lead vocalist in Josh Winnard (an ex-Wytch Hazel member he replaces William Lowry-Scott as the band's front man) one would think that the band might endure a few hiccups between studio releases. Seeing as the band started writing this one back in 2012 that doesn't prove to be the case as "The Awakening" is a strong release from a band that (unfortunately) not many people seem to be aware of. Maybe this album will change all of that? Who knows? But, even if a handful of people get turned on to what these UK merchants of metal are doing then I'd consider this review to be a success!

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