Friday, March 21, 2014

French Metal Friday: E-Force-The Curse...

Mausoleum Records

Due for release next month, "The Curse...", which is E-Force's follow-up to 2008's "Modified Poison", will mark album number three for the French thrash metal act. First formed in 2001, and originally hailing from Montreal, Quebec, E-Force features within it's line-up ex-Voivod member Eric Forrest (Project: Failing Flesh, ex-Liquid Indian, ex-Lust, ex-Thunder Circus) and, much like Eric's previous band, the boundaries of thrash metal are often stretched well beyond their expected boundaries into interesting forms. Along with guitarist XAV (Jérôme Point) and the returning Krof (drums) Eric, handling bass duties and vocal duties with equal effectiveness, makes this concept album* sound interesting and inventive by allowing the material to take on a life of it's own. With guest appearances from the likes of Glen Drover (Megadeth, King Diamond and Eidolon), Kristian Niemann (Therion) and Vincent Agar (Yotangor) as well as (all-around excellent) performances from his actual band-mates, Eric, who really deserves a band of his own like E-Force, crafts a formidable concept album that is fairly strong as far as technical thrash goes and more than a little captivating thanks in no small part to the intellectual essence that it is empowered with. Is it fair to paint comparisons to Eric's former band though? That might actually be a tougher call to make as their are certainly similarities between E-Force and Voivod up to and including the lyrical nature of "The Curse..." and it's technical delivery. Still, E-Force offers it's own take on the genre and from someone who had previously never heard this talented act before I will say (or even admit honestly to the fact) that if Eric's name wasn't prominently attached to this project then I'm not so sure the Voivod tag would apply as much. Either way though "The Curse..." is a strong album through and through and anytime a band comes along and (creatively) expands upon the notion of what we think we know about technical thrash it should be a moment of celebration. 

*Per the promo "The Curse..." is a concept album that is "based on a powerful collection of songs describing the power and temptation of, and obsession with the female race."

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