Monday, March 24, 2014

Hellscream-Made Immortal


This 11-track debut album from Hellscream answers the age old question of what would happen if you paired up David "Conan" Garcia (Cage) & Norman Skinner (Skinner, Dire Peril, Tramontane, ex-Machine Called Man,The Consequence of Chaos, ex-Katagory V (live), ex-Imagika). Wait, what? You've never asked that question before? Well now that is weird. Very weird indeed. I honestly thought that every "true believer" had pondered that question at one point or another in life, but here I find out that I'm the only one. Still, do you want to know the answer anyway? I mean since I brought it up and all? Well then, here's the score. Take one fine guitarist in David "I could crush all of you puny earthlings with my god-like humongous arms" Garcia, add in the epicness that is vocalist Norman "Rob Halford has got nothing on me!" Skinner and have then have Stu "The Hammer" Marshall, (Death Dealer / Empires of Edén guitarist/producer) master the 50+ minute slab of power/thrash/speed metal fury and the result is near sonic annihilation of EVERYTHING! Or at least that's what happens after the creepy intro that is  "I scream, you scream, we all scream for Hellscream!" opens things up in eerie fashion! After that evil little moment of an opening it's all or nothing as in (to quote Hudson from the movie Aliens) "That's it! Game over, man! Game over!". Just stand back and await delivery as the pairing of Skinner and Garcia results in track after groovy track of "Speed Kills..." power thrash! Both modern and retro (in a good way friends!) Hellscream are like taking your metal collection of old (you know, from A bands like Anthrax & Annihilator up to and including Z groups such as Zoetrope & Znowhite) and adding modern touches (from song-construction to production values) all while forging boldly ahead into (maybe not new per say, but original nonetheless) exciting territory where one man's voice perfectly suites another man's guitar playing! Hellscream are all that and more as funneled through a supergroup project (only difference is here you don't get any of the big egos that would usually be involved in such an effort, but instead you get all the big riffs and even bigger metal moments!). The only downside would seem to be that, seeing as this is a side-project and all, we could be looking at a one and done deal as both Garcia and Skinner have fully stacked plates in front of them with their day jobs! One can't imagine then that Hellscream, even as good as they might be together here, would take priority over their other projects. For the time being though it's easy enough to enjoy "Made Immortal" for what it is (heavy power metal that borders on thrash metal only with all the added excitement of speed metal!) while appreciating the skill level of both men involved!

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