Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skinner-The Enemy Within


Named after it's lead singer Norman Skinner, San Jose, California act Skinner was formed in 2010. Having seen power/thrash act Imagika call it a day, Norman scooped up some local talent and picked up where Imagika left off! With Skinner it's all about the metal. Heavy power metal that is! Heavy power metal that borders on thrash more often then not, but power metal all the same! On this 5-track EP, which was written and recorded during 2011 and (technically speaking) released in 2012 (with a wider release taking place in 2013 most likely (hence the date above) so that's why we'll roll with that date!), Norman Skinner and his band-mates* jump right into the pit from opener "Sleepwalkers" onwards! There's never a dull moment on "The Enemy Within" and with tracks like "Hell in My Hands" and "Breath the Lie" literately plunging right at you it's one fun ride! Speaking of "Breath the Lie", Alfred Luis San Miguel does a guest solo on the track with the results being nothing short of awesome! Actually, all three of the guitarists that appear on this 5-track EP do a stellar job and you can tell that Norman Skinner filled out this band's line-up with the best local musicians that he could find! With a full-length album due to be released sometime in the next few months (which I'll hopefully land my hands on!) "The Enemy Within" is a nice slab of U.S. power metal from one of heavy metal's hardest working front men!

*Robert and Grant Kolowitz-guitars 
  Elena Repetto-bass
  Noe Luna on drums

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