Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Creinium-Project Utopia

Inverse Records

Helsinki-based Creinium was formed in early 2012 by former members of Path Of Annihilation. Since then this young band, which is lead by the frightening lead vocals of Sami Haimilahti, has issued a 4-track demo (2013's "Modern World Tyranny") and now, with this 5-track EP (due for release on April 16th) looking to set the pace for Creinium and their D.I.Y. ethic, this Finnish outfit sounds poised to make a bigger splash outside of their native land. Music-wise we're talking about black metal/death metal, but with abundant keyboard passages (courtesy of Antti Myllynen) and melodically-enhanced technical/progressive elements serving to add patches of color to an otherwise dark setting there is much more to Creinium then can be neatly folded into any one box! Especially endearing are tracks such as "New World Order" and "Synthetic Paradise" where the band, in what can only be described as a brilliant decision on their part, (vibe-wise) channels the spirits of horror movies of old while further pushing the boundaries of modern day black/melodic death metal! For their part the band, which also features a skilled set of guitarists in Tone Nyström and Mikko Asplund, delivers a convincing set of tunes that come across as much more mature in nature then the band's young age might otherwise suggest. There's much to be discovered on a release such as this one and in fact it's probably more than can be properly digested in just one sitting!  And while opener "Societal Collapse" might run under three minutes these Finnish band mates are not shy when it comes to performing complex arrangements such as the ones found on "New World Order" and "Synthetic Paradise" (running, respectively, at 7:37 and 9:43!). For fans of technical black metal/melodic black metal (especially the kinds that fully-embrace progressive metal elements within their strong song structures!) this one comes with my highest recommendations!

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