Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stealth-Shores Of Hope


Recorded at Sonika Studio Recording, which appears to reside within Stealth's hometown of Ferrara, Italy, "Shores Of Hope" is the self-produced & self-released debut album from this hard & heavy five-piece. Recently signed to Atomic Stuff Promotion (kudos to them!) Stealth are what one might reasonably expect a modern day hard rock band to sound like if they were spoon-feed a healthy diet of classic rock riffs, pop metal's sensibilities and traditional heavy metal leads since their formidable years. Only here we find lead vocalist Enrico Ghirelli (at times sounding for all the world like a more credible and respectable (Italian) version of Axl Rose fronting a mid-2000 radio rock outfit!) and his band-mates taking proper time to mature their music and, after super-charging their sound by harnessing  the power of lightning like some crazed scientist(!), making sure that it gives a proper ass-kicking to listener's eardrums! This is achieved by way of darkly-tinted hard rock with big riffs and, seeing as this band has been going at it since 2007, cream of the crop material that is well-deserving of a wider audience. There's not much more to it then that other than to say that Stealth's sound harkens back to a time when bands were not afraid to walk the line between hard rock and heavy metal and do it there way and their way only! Find out more below....

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