Friday, April 11, 2014

Dark Century-Murder Motel


Melting pot metal is what Montreal-based Dark Century churns out on album number two. Active since 2000, with the cleverly-titled "Days of the Mosh" appearing in 2008, and fronted by Leather King (Fearsome, Sacrifycia, ex-Sunseth, Fried Pope, Krushem, ex-Erimha, ex-Metal University), who replaced "The Throat" as lead vocalist(!), Dark Century ensures that the listening public is treated to nothing short of full-blown CHAOS and DESTRUCTION on "Murder Motel". Call it "modern metal" if you must, but for the sake of clarity it's a smattering of this (death metal) and that (raw street thrash) only with this bunch it's all held tightly in place thanks to barb-wire wrapped hardcore and grind! And boy is it ever UGLY! Beautifully ugly that is! Fast & frenzied death metal drumming collides with hardcore-tinged (demonic) grind vocals while thrash metal's (chewed up and spit out) harsh underbelly is exposed thanks to Erik Fernet-Evans' throat slashing leads! It's all good, (un)clean fun from the startling moments of opener "In Our Veins" (a cut that jumps from the shadows like a meat-cleaver madman!!!!) until "Gore on my Snare" rolls you up in a body bag at the end! And with cuts like the zombie-themed "Dead Birds" and "Mosh Test Dummies" (love the title guys!) keeping the party hopping in-between "In Our Veins" and "Gore on my Snare" it's hard not to walk away with a smile on your face when it's all said and done!   

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