Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Deep-Demo 2013


Now, this is what you call a pleasant surprise! Anytime a N.W.O.B.H.M. band drops you a message asking it you would be willing to review their material is cause for celebration in my household! Sure, it might just be me celebrating but it's a celebration nonetheless! So, with that said what exactly are we looking at with London's The Deep? Well, if the name causes a light-bulb to go off in your head even a little bit or you have one of those "Hey now!" moments then you're not alone. Upon catching the name I was immediately thinking Deep Machine and for good reasons! For you see The Deep features three members from the1982 line up of Deep Machine. Actually, The Deep features various members with ties to a TON of sweet hard rock, heavy metal and N.W.O.B.H.M. acts including Rogue Male, Angel Witch, Vardis, Ocean and Airrace! Just who are we talking about then? Well, on lead vocals you have the one and only Tony Coldham (Ex-Minas Tirith, Deep Machine, Ocean, Strutt, Airrace, The Rodford Files, GMD). That right there is pretty kick ass and damn straight he sounds FANTASTIC on the mic! Backing him up are guitarists Paul W. Smith (Ex-Janine, Deep Machine, Strutt, Shattered Hearts, Bug-eyed Starfish, The Rodford Files, GMD) & Mick Feleppa (Ex-Great British Heroes, Havoc, Ash, Strutt), bass guitarist Don Whiberley (Ex-Equinox) and drummer Steve Kingsley (Ex-Omega, Deep Machine, Rogue Male, Vardis). If you're looking at that list of who's who and saying to yourself "There is no way that The Deep could possibly sound anywhere as cool as that line-up would imply" then let me tell you something-you'd be dead wrong! This 4-track demo is as good as it gets! Classic heavy metal/N.W.O.B.H.M. that is EVERY bit as good as the latest works from Angel Witch, Satan, Blitzkrieg, Battleaxe (review coming soon), Saxon, Tank and yes, Deep Machine! In fact this band could be looked at as being in the same boat as Deep Machine, but that wouldn't quite be fair to these five fine gentlemen as they bring their own flavors to the tasting party and trust me, this is one party that you want to find yourself on the invite list to! Of the demo's four tracks I'm most drawn to "The Rider", but this is one of those recordings where you could randomly hit play on any cut and the result would be the same-top of the line, heavy metal that AWAKENS the fire within! Band's like The Deep are the reason why I'm a fan first and a writer second! Great songs that are catchy, memorable and downright epic making you proud to be a metalhead and enthused to wave the banner for all to see! The downside of this one is obvious. It's far too short. Just when you're truly revved up and ready to go the brakes are slammed on you! The Deep need a full-length album with plenty of room to stretch their legs and  run! Hopefully somebody/some label will snag this lot up seeing as classic heavy metal like this is like life's blood. It's an essential like bread and water, the air we breath and love! There's no need to say more. Just seek these five out and support their endeavors! Let the world know that true heavy metal is always in vogue and always appreciated! And above all else honor them, as a band and as brothers in arms fighting the good fight for all things "loud and proud"!!!! 

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