Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey Clown-Hey Clown


This should have been an addition to my "Free Metal Monday" series, but last minute computer problems closed the door on that proposal. Still, this 3-track digital EP is free for the taking and with that we're talking about a band whose tagline seems to be "We are from Hamilton, On and we play loud music". No arguments there! In fact this 5-piece band, which has been going at it for well over 13 years now(!), are distinctly LOUD with a sound and style that seems to blend hard rock, heavy metal and hardcore into a fairly blistering assault on the senses!  While line-up information was not included with the request for consideration to be covered here at Heavy Metal Time Machine (a helpful tool for future submissions from any and all bands and artists!) the e-mail that was included with the link for their new EP suggested that it was just recently that the band managed to secure the services of a much needed front-man. Prior to said individuals arrival, Hey Clown was forced to perform shows either "instrumentally, or with sparse backup vocals." Whatever the case their current front-man is nothing short of a brute on the mic making the band's savage delivery all the more gritty and intimidating! Surprisingly Hey Clown seems to be without label support at this time in their career, but if this EP were to fall into the right hands one would think that such an odd event would most certainly be rectified sooner then later! Naturally "Hey Clown" is recommended to all of our loyal readers and (of course) one would hope that with a stable line-up (finally) in place that we'll be hearing more from this talented, Hamilton-based, hard hitting collective!     


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