Monday, April 14, 2014


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VeraEuridice is an Italian rock/symphonic metal project from guitarist/vocalist Fabrizio Sassi. On this self-titled 6-track EP the lyrical direction revolves around the story of Orpheus’s journey to the underworld to bring back the beautiful Eurydice. Or rather it revolves around what happened (or may have happened) prior to that event to cause Orpheus to look back at Eurydice (which was the one thing he was not supposed to do, but you know how that goes!). VeraEuridice, which delivers it's crisp, clean, clear and delightfully engaging sound in it's native language, also features the vocal talents of Maura Nardelli and Laura Scotti with Giorgio Terenziani (bass), Mauro Desideri (keyboards, orchestrations) and Paco (drums) rounding out the fold. While one would be hard pressed to deliver relative band examples (ie: who exactly they sound like, English-wise, as comparisons) that is be no means a bad thing! If anything it just shows that this (female-fronted) Italian project is staying true to itself and that "VeraEuridice", with additional heavy metal moments only adding to the overall appeal of this EP, serves it's purpose well (that being a more then proper introduction to a scene that may not have any shortage of symphonic-enhanced rock/metal outfits, but can and will always welcome more in especially creative ones such as VeraEuridice which seem to serve a more divine purpose!). Other then the language barrier (which is not really much of a barrier, but should nonetheless be noted) there's nothing remotely wrong with recommending a new act like Italy's VeraEuridice to those that enjoy classical-inspired rock and metal. As this EP serves as but a taste of what Fabrizio Sassi and his guests have to offer it will be worth waiting patently to hear what this project ends up serving us for the main course! 

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