Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grinder-Dead End (Deluxe Edition)

Tribunal Records/Divebomb Records

Germany's Grinder released "Dead End" in 1989. As their sophomore LP it saw the band, who had made their debut a year earlier with "Dawn for the Living", release what would prove to be one of the highlights of their (roughly) seven year career. Having formed in 1984, and with nothing but sweet speed metal/thrash on their minds from day one(!), the band was active until 1991 or so with the nine-track "Dead End" originally appearing on No Remorse Records (home to Blind Guardian among others). With this (expanded) deluxe edition Divebomb Records has teamed up with Grinder to give fans something truly special. Seeing as this one has been OOP now for 20 something years it's fantastic to see this album more readily available to begin with. When you take into account the nine bonus cuts and the additional bonus material to be found within the CD's booklet (a new interview and archival photos!) it gets even better! While I could ramble on and on about what makes this cool band tick (and why they deserve such a royal treatment!) why don't we just skip those formalities and you can hear for yourself at the link below? For fans of (older) speed/thrash this re-release should appeal to your inner headbanging urges while today's younger generation might just be able to see where the scene began and why acts like Grinder still provide plenty of sizzle and spark even after all these years later!

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