Saturday, May 03, 2014

Characula-"Headstone" Single


Her self-description says it all. "The desire of a woman... mixed with the blood of a she-demon... It's Characula". Neither a vampire, nor a werewolf, mummy or any other creature known from myth and folklore (although this creature of the night is every bit as seductive and enticing as they come!) Characula is a divine, dark and mysterious horror rock icon in the making. And she is soon to take the UK by storm! Too bad then that I'm stuck here in the states! Currently hailing from parts unknown/the other side of the curtain (OK, in reality it's Southern California, but a goddess like this couldn't possibly be from our known version of reality could she?) Characula combines seductive horror rock with sci-fi and with a style that can truly be describe as all her own she prowls the night looking for new souls to devour! And she does all of this will delivering glamorous rock and roll that is spellbinding and downright smashing! "Headstone" is merely the latest in a string of phenomenon material including the ghoulish "Mummy Dance!" ( and a killer, damn sexy (as heard and seen it the official video of it!) cover of  "Ready For Love" ( that ended up leaving me as nothing but a pile of smoldering embers! With a full-length album slated for sometime in the future Characula, whose like a B-Movie queen as envisioned by Alice Cooper, could just be the next horror rock to lay conquest to our puny planet! I for one will welcome the conquest and be a willing subject and do her every bidding! How about you?

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