Thursday, May 01, 2014

DEADIRON-""Bloodline" (Sneak-Peak Single from upcoming new album,"Into the Fray")

It has been a L-O-N-G time since we last heard from Cleveland's DEADIRON. Too long in fact! Or at least when it comes to the faint suggestion that new (studio) music is in the works! For, pretense-wise (as in making sure everyone knows your name!) this hardworking band sure seems as if they are always out and about playing live and building on their (ever-growing and fanatical!) fan-base. With this new number (previewed via the band's video for said thrasher!) Ohio's traditional heavy metal madmen/power thrashers storm back into the spotlight with plenty of head-banging& hair-raising riffs and (thank the maker above for that my friends!) solos that will make you FONDLY recall an era (sadly) long past when guitarists used to actually shred the holy hell out of their axes when they tackled lead solos! Imagine that? I'd be lying though if I said that "Bloodline", which will release to the public in the next month or so,  picks up right where the band left off with their 2012 release, "Out of the Rust and Ruin", as this METAL FUCKING MAD track sounds like it's coming from a completely new band, more hungry and bloodthirsty then ever! That's not to say that former guitarist Sunny K isn't missed. He is, but the band seems to have rallied around themselves, figured they better solider up and have come crashing out with all guns blazing! It's thanks in no small part to bands like DEADIRON that the Ohio metal scene is still hot shit so if you get a change then by all means check these guys out live while they are still our sweet little secret! Sooner or later somebody in a tie and suit is going to hear these guys and snatch them up as DEADIRON puts to shame more then a few (try hundreds!) signed metal acts! With a new album, "Into the Fray", due out for release around July it sure looks as if DEADIRON fans (and, F.Y.I., lovers of all things killer heavy/thrash metal) should have plenty to look forward to this Summer!

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