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Named after Russell Crowe`s character in the movie Gladiator and featuring musicians with ties to such  bands as Howler and Equestrian Lord, Meridius is a new thrash/groove metal band that was founded in Ladner, British Columbia by lead guitarist Kieran Marquis and former drummer Darien Prasad. Influences include the likes of Revocation, Slayer, The Faceless, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Trivium, Lamb of God, Kreator, Demolition Hammer, Death, Pantera and Exodus and this young band has already shared the stage with group's such as Fuhquary, Opus Arise, Medevil, Lethal Halo, Unbeheld, Lucid Afterlife, Chilled Clarity, Contrasound, Elysium Echoes, Curse the Forsaken, iD, Lung Flower, Spell and Funeral Circle! Now calling Vancouver, British Columbia home, Meridius' current line-up is rounded out by lead singer Eric Willmott, rhythm guitarist Sam Buchanan, bass guitarist Peter Reimann and drummer Nolan Olson with this demo EP apparently serving as their official debut. Produced and mixed by Matthew Roach, "Meridius" features a mere three songs, but based solely on the shredding lines of whiplash opener "Speed Kills" there seems to be more than enough high-quality metal to go around! And that is just one track out of three bitching bangers that we are talking about! There's also "Walk The Plank" and "Conquer The Throne" to contend with and damn if those two aggressive rippers don't just up and carry this EP far and away! These lads might not be breaking any new ground here, but they are breaking bones with this pissed-off and mad as hell outlook so why argue about 100% originality when you can scream out this kind of aggression on the world at large? This self-titled EP can be found at the group's bandcamp page and it is well worth the measly $3 cover charge!

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