Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Inculter-Persisting Devolution

Edged Circle Productions

Having just covered this Norwegian band yesterday, as promised we now return to the scene of the crime with "Persisting Devolution", Inculter's highly-anticipated debut album. For those of you who were absent on Monday here are three keen observations about this trio that are worth jotting down. Number 1) The three key players that are in charge of this recording are all in their teens. Number 2) This is nut-cracking death thrash of the blackened variety. And finally Number 3)  Inculter are bad ass! OK, number two and number three are really cut from the same clothe, but this power trio is damn good as delivering Brutal music for Brutal people! To be more precious the music of Inculter looks a little like this. Take early Sodom and Destruction and thrash it about with the likes of At War, Venom, (early) Death, Autopsy, Possessed and Morbid Angel. Now finish it off with a double shot of black metal and a line or two of underground thrash and there you have it! Music for madmen and maniacs alike! And here's the real kicker kids! Not only is this destructive slab of brutal death thrash going to see a CD release, but it will see a vinyl one as well! Sadly it does look as if the LP will not be released until sometime in May, but the CD is due to drop on March 27th so there is always that option to tide everyone over! As a fan of all things power trios this young act is on to something promising with their debut album and seeing as these musicians are all still teenagers the growth potential is insane! This is a great first offering from a nice up-and-coming death metal/blackened thrash band and one that I will be hyping for all fans of said genres!

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