Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Inculter - Stygian Deluge 7"EP

Edged Circle Productions

Active since 2012, Inculter are a blackened thrash/death metal trio from Norway whose members range in age from 16-19. This Free Metal Monday offering was originally released back in 2013 and it served as Inculter's first studio piece. Now re-released with the bonus track "Demonic Might", "Stygian Deluge" is a brutal example of raw death thrash done right from musicians who were (and still are!) in their teens! And  seeing as I'm planning to cover Inculter's upcoming debut-album, "Persisting Devolution" either later today or early tomorrow I thought what better way is there to share all this fun than to share with all of you this raging 4-track EP? And yes, you are quite welcome for this metallic Monday pick me up! You can download this one for free right here!

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