Friday, March 13, 2015

Dead Lucky-Sons Of Lazarus

Dr. Music Records | Membran

Fittingly enough just released today (after all in my part of the word it's Friday the 13th boys and ghouls!) and with the skull-cracking /widow-shattering lead single, "Live Fast, Die Last" (see video below), serving as much as a warning shot across the bow as it does a wake-up call for all the lazy & crazy (!), "Sons Of Lazarus" is the full-length release from dirty (lean, mean, cruel and obscene) riff-rockers Dead Lucky. This hard & heavy/loud & proud South African mosh-effect metal band was founded in 2011 and when it comes to the current line-up of Kyle Lucky (vocals), Alex Krause (guitars), Chris Bornman (guitars), Chris Thunderbolt (bass) and Jean Labuschagne (drums) all things point toward world-wide destruction! Or at very least this is the band that you should be looking out for/looking forward to gutting rock and roll and restoring it's long-gone honor and glory! On this Theo Crous (Prime Circle, Parlotones, Karen Zoid, …) and Brendyn Rossouw-produced album we're treated to the sounds of one band that isn't afraid to mix their Motörhead- love with bands as diverse as White Zombie is to Deep Purple and once the title track rushes in and kicks the door wide open it's game on baby! For anyone that just loved Samhain and the first Danzig LP this is going to be your midnight salvation and I can't help but imagine that this 12-pack would also answer the age old question of what you might get if you crossed Iggy and the Stooges with "Club Daze" Twisted Sister! Whether you're talking about wine, women and song or sex, drugs and rock and roll it's all good my friends as these 12 (hit it and quit it!) songs have got you covered! There's not much more to it then that so what exactly are you waiting for?

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